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Afro Solo Theatre Company -- Mission is to nurture, promote, and present African American art and culture through solo performances. Established in 1993, AfroSolo provides a forum for African American artists to give voice to the unique experience of being Black in the United States.

Art & Revolution -- A unique arts organization: We emphasize politics and direct action in our work. We see activism as crucial to meaningful arts expression. We believe that our politics suffer without creative vision in the same way that our art suffers without political or social relevance.

Art for a Change -- Mark Vallen's Website for Art Activism & Social Change.

Artists against the War -- We resolve to: • participate in the broad movement of people against this war, • resist all forms of censorship and disinformation about this war and attacks on civil liberties, • speak out against this war using every possible media, • change hearts and minds through art which opposes this war, • help to create the international movement against this war and oppose national chauvinism, racism and all forms of bigotry.

Artists without Borders -- A nonprofit, international humanitarian organization, whose objective is to provide relief to victims of war while promoting the work of talented artists, to provide direct psychological relief to the victims of war by bringing art or entertainment to refugee camps and zones battered by conflicts, to raise consciousness about the victims of ethnic and civil wars worldwide through artistic expression.

Allan Barnes -- Photographer.

Brava! for Women in the Arts! -- A professional arts organization committed to producing, presenting and cultivating live art celebrating the intersection of feminism and multiculturalism that ignites social change and empowers community.

Chris Eyre, American Indian director Chris Eyre ("Smoke Signals") premiered "Skins" at the Sundance Festival in January 2002. Filmed on Pine Ridge in South Dakota, the cast includes Eric Schweig, Graham Greene, Joseph American Horse, Gary Farmer, Elaine Miles, Lois Red Elk and many other American Indian film favorites. "Skins" is slated for general release in September.

Freedom Song Network -- Affirms through songs and music the right of all peoples, at home and abroad, to establish more free, just, and equal societies and live in peace. A multiracial, multicultural, intergenerational group of all sexual orientations that will sing anywhere, from picket lines and demonstrations to songswaps and concert stages.

Indigenous -- "It's a story so homespun, so perfect, that it hardly seems real. A family of Sioux musicians, raised on a reservation, form a blues band, begin touring and quickly generate gushes of enthusiastic praise." (PULSE OF THE TWIN CITIES OCTOBER 1998). As children in tiny Marty, South Dakota, brothers Mato Nanji (mah-TOE non-GEE) and Pte (peh-TAY), sister Wanbdi (wan-ba-DEE) and cousin Horse (Horse) discovered their dad's band equipment and extensive record collection. They soon got to work…

Institute for Democratic Education & Culture -- National not-for-profit organization that promotes progressive speakers and artists on campuses and in communities. Committed to social, political, cultural and economic justice, Speak Out encourages critical and imaginative thinking about domestic and international issues through artistic and educational forums nationwide.

Kynthia -- Artist for Peace and the Healing Expansion of Consciousness. The movement towards Peace is the one abiding current within all of Kynthia's work. The use of the Arts as the medium for self-discovery and communal expression is at the root of her art. A movement towards inner peace and world peace by revealing the possible nature of a post-paradigm world.

Living Room -- A home for experimental musicians, performance and multimedia artists, and all other persons interested in nurturing creative artistic endeavors.

Musicians for Peace -- We are musicians who have come together in the wake of the events of September 11 to call for peace, for the protection of civil liberties and human rights, for racial and religious tolerance, and for freedom of expression. We have come together to let it be known that we do not support this war ...and to encourage others to speak out, to voice their dissent, to break the silence and censorship that — in the name of security — threaten the very ideals we should be working for in the face of violence, terror, and oppression wherever they occur around the globe.

Poets against the War --

Puppeteers' Cooperative -- Group of artists and puppeteers working in cities around the nation to create giant puppet parades, pageants, and ceremonies of celebration &complaint. How-to on organizing pageants & parades.

Reno -- Reno is a funny, smart, passionate and tough New Yorker who has written and performs a theatre piece called Reno: Rebel without a Pause: Unrestrained Reflections on September 11th. Cogent, political, progressive theatre.

Rock & Rap Confidential -- Monthly music and politics newsletter, covers culture and politics, funk and country, hiphop and heavy metal, racism and revolution, jazz and reggae, folk music and ska, censorship and the phony war on drugs.

San Francisco Mime Troupe -- The mission of the SFMT is to create and produce socially relevant theater of the highest professional quality and to perform it before the broadest possible audience.

Joanne Shenandoah -- Celebrated Native American singer, songwriter, and composer.

Talking Pictures -- Aphoto gallery of images captured during the prewar peace rallies held in San Francisco. The images are for sale and all profits are sent directly to: Unicef, Doctors Without Borders and Oxfam.

That takes ovaries! Bold women & their brazen ways. Ovaries! editor Rivka Solomon writes and rabble-rouses on the East Coast. She specializes in first person narratives focusing on women's and girls' issues.

Tyrranosaurus Press -- Small publishing house in New Orleans, Louisiana, that specializes in science fiction and fantasy. Our goals is to help both new and established authors produce and promote quality works of SF&F.

Windchime Walker -- A woman artist/activist's creative responses to disability, world events and life. Follow her illustrated daily online journal; decorate canes and walkers; connect art to activism; experience the healing power of poems and stories.

Wise Fool Community Arts -- Non-profit organization which uses art and theatre as vehicles for community building, self-determination, social and political change.

Woman's Will -- San Francisco Bay Area's all-female Shakespeare company.