Indigenous peoples


American Indian Movement -- Pledged to fight White Man's injustice to Indians, his oppression, persecution, discrimination and malfeasance in the handling of Indian Affairs.

Chris Eyre, American Indian director Chris Eyre ("Smoke Signals") premiered "Skins" at the Sundance Festival in January 2002. Filmed on Pine Ridge in South Dakota, the cast includes Eric Schweig, Graham Greene, Joseph American Horse, Gary Farmer, Elaine Miles, Lois Red Elk and many other American Indian film favorites.

Council of Indian Nations -- Our mission: to help Native American people improve the quality of their lives by providing opportunities for them to bring about positive changes in their communities.

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee -- Seeks the immediate release of Leonard Peltier. The LPDC is the center of communication between Leonard Peltier, his supporters, his family, the media, key government officials, and all other relevant individuals and groups. We also coordinate the national and international freedom campaigns through grass roots organizing, legal efforts, and political lobbying.

Native American Rights Fund (NARF) -- Non-profit organization that provides legal representation and technical assistance to Indian tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide.

Southwest Indian Relief Council (SWIRC) provides essential programs to assist the American Indians living in remote reservation communities of the Southwestern United States. SWIRC is a program member group of National Relief Charities, an IRS 501 (c)(3) approved non-profit organization.

U'wa -- In the remote Colombian Andes, a peaceful indigenous tribe of 5,000 people, the U'wa, live on their ancestral homeland. Both the U'wa and the cloudforest they inhabit are among the last of their kind in the world. They are under continuing threat from exploitation by oil companies.