AARP (formerly American Association of Retired Persons) -- Provides direct services to senior citizens, particularly in the areas of consumer advocacy, legal assistance, tax counseling, job training and placement, and health care and long term care information. A national program, AARP Foundation Litigation is supported by the AARP as well as by many private foundations and government agencies. AARP Foundation works in communities using volunteers as well as professional staffed offices. It is a 501(c)(3), nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization that does not conduct lobbying or political activities.

Elder Law Answers -- Legal help for seniors and families. Founder Harry S. Margolis says that "provides consumers with easily accessible and reliable information on legal issues facing seniors and their families, along with a directory of more than 215 of the leading elder law attorneys nationwide." Topics include long-term care, Medicare and Medicaid, estate planning, retirement living, social security, and more.

Grandmothers for Peace International -- Non-profit organization formed in May of 1982 at the height of the Cold War. Concerned with the dangers of nuclear power plants; radioactive waste; nuclearization and weaponization of space; global militarism that continues to drain desperately needed resources from programs that enhance life; and other peace and justice issues that effect the human family. Work for the passage of a global Comprehensive Test Ban and the abolition of nuclear weapons is a top priority.

Gray Panthers -- Intergenerational advocacy organization. From ages 9 to 93, we are Age and Youth in Action, activists working together for social and economic justice. Our issues include universal health care, jobs with a living wage and the right to organize, preservation of Social Security, affordable housing, access to quality education, economic justice, environment, peace and challenging ageism, sexism, racism.

Raging Grannies -- In the tradition of wise women elders, the mission of the Seattle Raging Grannies is to promote global peace, justice, and social and economic equality by raising public awareness through the medium of song and humor.

Social Security --